The Indago Group is a boutique provider of research services to the legal and investment communities. For more than a decade, our research priority has been investigating allegations of complex corporate fraud, violations of securities laws and fraud against the United States government under the False Claims Act.

Our investigative projects have covered a wide range of industries including healthcare companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, patient assistance programs, medical device manufacturers, financial services companies, for-profit education companies, and the vacation ownership interest industry. Years of experience identifying and examining signs of corporate wrongdoing allows us to provide our clients information, insight and actionable analysis.



Each project is unique so we tailor the scope of the proposed research services to suit the client’s budget and preferences. As former journalists, we apply our well-developed investigative skills to the fact-finding process including identifying potential witnesses and sources of information, conducting interviews and pursuing leads. Since we consider research an organic process, we work collaboratively with clients whenever possible. If we can leverage each other’s expertise and experience as we gather information, our investigation will be more sharply focused and efficient.

Services we provide:

  • Create a project overview, budget and timeline
  • Execute thorough database, public record and internet research for relevant documentary evidence
  • Perform extensive source and witness development
  • Conduct strategic interviewing and intelligence gathering
  • Produce a careful review, assessment and analysis of established facts and questions still to be answered
  • Deliver clear memoranda of key findings


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